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2019-08-22 469 次

钛媒体(TMTPOST)亦是TMT(Technology, Media, Telecommunication)的谐音。

TMTPOST is a digitally native news outlet focusing on technology, media and telecommunication industries


Established in 2012, TMTPOST sees “technical beliefs, professionalism, global influence” as its principles. Through offering high-quality content, professional data services, diversified offline activities, effective community operation and an e-commerce platform of choice goods, TMTPOST has built a business structure featuring three main aspects, including content consumption, lifestyle consumption and industry consumption, and has undertaken an important mission of both fueling technological progress in new startups and connecting them with relevant industries for further application. It has now become China’s largest and most influential service provider of tech consumption ecosystem and the most representative new media benchmark in China.


TMTPOST’s Media business is centered around its mobile application. Meanwhile, it has accumulated nearly 10 million followers and subscribers from the official website, Sina Weibo, WeChat, TouTiao Headlines and other media channels. Now TMTPOST has become the top original content distributor and users’ first choice in pan-TMT area.


TMTPOST’s data business brings together tens of thousands of high net worth investors and business executives through the global venture capital database TMTBase. TMTBase aims to connect decision makers to a dynamic primary market network of innovative information, people and ideas, and to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creation. It is also running China’s largest technology executive community ITValue, technology investor community TMTInvestors, T-EDGE frontier innovation leader community and many other top innovator communities.


TMTPOST’s Lifestyle runs Taikong, China’s first and most unique and influential e-commerce platform for tech gadgets. It also runs its offline counterpart Taikong Capsule, together with T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival, T-EDGE Music Festival, TMTPOST SmartRun and many other influential large-scale events. These events attract over 50,000 participants every year.